11 Steps to Selecting a Vinyl Siding Contractor

Vinyl Siding Contractors – Make the Right Choices

Vinyl Siding Contractors

Lots of Styles

Since its not something we commonly do, It can be scary when selecting a vinyl siding contractor. Installing siding is not difficult but with so many different new types of siding on the market, you want to make sure you cover the steps.

Vinyl Siding Contractors – Diversity

There are good contractors and bad siding contractors out there so its wise to do your research. There are also good siding contractors that may do your job bad.
There are now numerous types of vinyl siding in the marketplace now. It’s hard for even the most sophisticated installer to be able to keep up with all the installation methods. If you buy a new product that just came on the market, even the best installers may have trouble with it.

It’s in your best interest to check around and get more than one estimate from licensed installers.  Don’t just go with the lowest priced installer as it may cost a LOT more in the long run.  Choose the most qualified siding installer.

We have provided area listings for all the cities and most towns in Illinois.  For example you can check out this areas review of Siding Contractors.

Siding Contractors Checklist


  • Consider the type of siding you want to have installed

  • Check out siding materials by going to different home centers, looking at existing houses you like, and browsing through home magazines.

  • Contact several siding contractors. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. If you are having difficulty in locating a contractor, check the yellow pages.
  • Have the contractors inspect the site and quote prices for the job, based on your selected siding material.

  • Find out whether the contractors have experience with the type of siding you are using.

  • Give the contractors written specifications of what you need, and make sure all are bidding on the same specifications.

  • Make sure the contractors are including the removal of old siding, if necessary.

  • Ask each contractor for several past customers as references. Contact these references. Were customers happy with the work? Did the contractor do the job in a timely and professional manner?

  • Select a contractor based upon price, experience and your impression.

  • Execute a contract specifying the work to be done, cost, payment schedule, start date and estimated completion date.

  • Make sure the contract calls for the contractor to remove old siding and debris from the site.

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